Test Track Closure at Disney World Announced

Disney has now confirmed Rumours that EPCOT's Test Track will be closing for a 'reimagining' this year.

EPCOT’s Test Track, one of the most iconic attractions at Walt Disney World Resort, is going to close its doors temporarily. This cherished Disney World ride has given millions of guests the thrill of automotive innovation and fast-paced excitement.

Considering the need for refurbishments and updates to attractions that have entertained families for decades, some argue that this ‘reimagining’ presents an opportunity for Disney to maintain its commitment to innovation.

As Walt Disney World continues to evolve, it is not uncommon for attractions to undergo upgrades or complete reimaginings. Events like Destination D23 unveil significant changes within the resort, and Disney is constantly pursuing enhancing guest experiences. This Test Track closure presents an opportunity for Disney to maintain its commitment to innovation.

Guests planning vacations to the Walt Disney World Resort are advised to monitor official updates as they consider scheduling their visits around potential attraction downtimes.

Key Takeaways

  • Test Track at EPCOT closing temporarily beginning June 17th 2024
  • The move aligns with Disney’s ongoing efforts to innovate and improve guest experiences.
  • Planning a Disney World trip may require checking for official updates on attraction availability.

EPCOT’s Test Track Closure

It has come to light that Test Track, the General Motors-sponsored attraction at EPCOT, is closing for an unknown period of time starting June 17th 2024.

Constructed within the World Discovery section of the park, this iconic attraction delivers a heart-racing experience and showcases the rigorous automotive testing that General Motors vehicles traditionally undergo.

Unveiled in December 1998 and officially launching in March 1999, Test Track replaced the World of Motion. It quickly became a favourite for its high-speed exterior track and emulated the inner workings of a vehicle testing centre.

General Motors’ involvement in the attraction ensures an authentic portrayal of the development cycle of its concept cars, culminating in a test drive that reaches speeds up to 64.9 mph (104.4 km/h).

The refurbishment is slated to be a major update, focusing on revamping the storyline, incorporating advanced technologies, and enhancing the overall guest experience.

Although Walt Disney World has officially confirmed this news, we are yet to get all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Test Track at Epcot Scheduled for Refurbishment?

Yes. Based on information Disney Parks shared on Instagram, EPCOT’s Test Track will temporarily close beginning June 17th 2024. More details to follow.

When Will Test Track at Disney World Close for Renovation?

Test Track will temporarily close beginning June 17th 2024.

Will Test Track Be Replaced by a New Attraction?

Current reports do not specify any particular attraction to replace Test Track; only the ride is anticipated to receive a ‘reimagining’.

How Is the Potential Closure of Test Track Tied to World of Motion’s Legacy?

Test Track succeeded the original World of Motion attraction, reflecting Epcot’s evolution towards more thrill-based experiences. This potential closure may symbolise a further step in its thematic development.

Is Test Track Still Open to Visitors, or Has It Closed for Good?

According to recent visitor information, Test Track remains operational. It’s closure would be for an update, not permanent cessation.


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