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Who Is Dr Martha Jones?

Doctor Who: Who Is Dr Martha Jones?

Dr. Martha Jones: Doctor Who's intelligent and resilient companion who exemplifies independence, bravery, and personal growth in her adventures.

Dr Martha Jones is one of the memorable companions of the Tenth Doctor in “Doctor Who”. She made her debut in the series in 2007 and quickly became a fan favourite. As a medical student, Martha brought a unique perspective to the TARDIS and showed incredible bravery and intelligence throughout her adventures.

Martha Jones is portrayed by Freema Agyeman. Her character is notable not just for her medical skills, but also for her development as an independent and resourceful person. She has faced many challenges alongside the Doctor but remains strong and resolute. Her dynamic with the Tenth Doctor is filled with friendship and mutual respect, which adds depth to their travels across time and space.

Martha’s life after leaving the TARDIS is equally compelling. She continues to fight against alien threats, showcasing her growth and dedication. Martha’s appearances in spin-offs and other media underscore her lasting impact on the “Doctor Who” universe. Her journey, from an ordinary student to a hero, continues to inspire fans across the globe.

Key Takeaways

  • Martha Jones is a memorable companion of the Tenth Doctor.
  • She is portrayed by Freema Agyeman and is known for her bravery and intelligence.
  • Her journey continues to inspire fans even after her time in the TARDIS.

Who Is Dr Martha Jones

Dr Martha Jones is a fictional character from the British TV series Doctor Who. She is portrayed by actress Freema Agyeman.

Who Is Dr Martha Jones?
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Martha first appears in the 2007 series. She is a medical student when she meets the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.

Martha becomes a companion to the Doctor, travelling through time and space. Her intelligence and bravery help in many adventures.

Key Facts about Martha Jones

OccupationMedical Doctor, Companion to the Doctor
First Appearance“Smith and Jones” (2007)
Portrayed byFreema Agyeman

Martha has a strong sense of duty and compassion. These traits shine when she decides to join UNIT, a military organisation.

Some of her most notable adventures include facing the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Master. She is known for her resourcefulness in difficult situations.

Martha’s family includes her parents, Clive and Francine, and her siblings, Leo and Tish. Her relationships are sometimes strained due to her adventures with the Doctor.

Notable Episodes

  • Smith and Jones
  • The Shakespeare Code
  • Last of the Time Lords

Character Biography

Dr. Martha Jones is introduced as a medical student at Royal Hope Hospital. She becomes the Doctor’s companion after a chance encounter.

Martha is intelligent and resourceful. Her quick thinking saves lives many times. She is also brave, often standing up to danger without hesitation.

Martha later completes her medical degree. She works with UNIT, a military group that deals with extraterrestrial threats.

Key Traits:

  • Profession: Doctor
  • Skills: Medical knowledge, bravery, intelligence
  • Affiliations: The Doctor, UNIT

Throughout her travels, Martha develops a strong sense of justice. She often questions the Doctor’s methods, showing her moral compass.

Significant Episodes:

  • “Smith and Jones” – Martha meets the Doctor.
  • “The Last of the Time Lords” – Martha plays a key role in defeating the Master.
  • “The Doctor’s Daughter” – Martha shows her independence and skill.

Significance in ‘Doctor Who’

Martha Jones is a prominent companion of the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant. Introduced in the third series, she quickly became a beloved character.

First Appearance:

  • Series 3, Episode 1: “Smith and Jones”
  • Played by: Freema Agyeman

Martha is a medical student. Her intelligence and resourcefulness make her stand out. These qualities help her save the Doctor and others on many occasions.

Key Contributions:

  • Helps the Doctor defeat the Judoon.
  • Plays a vital role in the battle against the Master.
  • Joins UNIT, contributing to Earth’s defense.

Her relationship with the Doctor evolves. She starts as an admirer but grows into a trusted ally.

Other Traits:
Martha is known for her bravery and determination. She is willing to go to great lengths to help others. Her character adds depth to the show by bringing a fresh perspective and strong will.

Martha Jones breaks barriers as one of the few Black companions. Her role influences young viewers, showcasing diversity and strength.

Episodes of Interest:

  • “The Shakespeare Code”
  • “Human Nature” / “The Family of Blood”
  • “Last of the Time Lords”

Her time on the show is memorable and impactful. Martha’s legacy endures, making her a favourite among fans.

Relationship with the Tenth Doctor

Martha Jones and the Tenth Doctor have a unique bond that evolves through their journeys. Their relationship starts with a shared mission and deepens with trust and respect over time.

First Encounter

Martha Jones first meets the Tenth Doctor during an incident at Royal Hope Hospital. The hospital gets transported to the Moon by the Judoon, a race of intergalactic police.

Martha shows her quick thinking and bravery, impressing the Doctor. She helps him save the hospital and its people. This prompts the Doctor to invite her to travel with him in the TARDIS. Their initial connection is built on mutual respect and the Doctor’s admiration for Martha’s courage.

Evolution of Partnership

As Martha travels with the Doctor, their bond strengthens. She becomes a dedicated companion, facing numerous dangers alongside him. They encounter Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master, all while Martha remains steadfast and resourceful.

Despite her feelings for the Doctor, he struggles to move on from Rose Tyler, his previous companion. This unspoken tension shapes their interactions but does not diminish the reliability or effectiveness of their teamwork. They rely on each other and face challenges with determination.

Departure and Legacy

Martha decides to leave the TARDIS after coming to terms with her unreciprocated feelings for the Doctor. Her departure is on her terms, showing her independence and strength.

After leaving, Martha continues to be a strong ally of the Doctor. She joins UNIT and later Torchwood, using her experiences to fight alien threats on Earth. Martha’s legacy remains significant in the Doctor’s life, marking her as one of his most memorable companions.

Portrayal by Freema Agyeman

Freema Agyeman took on the role of Dr. Martha Jones in the third series of Doctor Who. She first appeared in the episode “Smith and Jones,” aired in 2007.

Her performance was praised for its energy and warmth. Agyeman brought a unique flair and intelligence to Martha, making her a beloved character.

Key Episodes:

  • Smith and Jones
  • Human Nature/The Family of Blood
  • Last of the Time Lords

Agyeman’s portrayal was multi-dimensional. Martha was brave, resourceful, and compassionate.

Critics appreciated:

  • Her chemistry with David Tennant
  • Her strong emotional scenes
  • Her ability to balance action and drama

Freema Agyeman’s impact on Doctor Who extended beyond her series. She reprised her role in later episodes and spin-offs like Torchwood.

Dr. Martha Jones remains an iconic companion, thanks in large part to Agyeman’s memorable performance.

Notable Episodes

Dr. Martha Jones appears in several significant episodes of Doctor Who. Here is a closer look at some of her most memorable moments and contributions to the series.

Smith and Jones

In “Smith and Jones,” Martha Jones meets the Doctor for the first time. She works as a medical student at Royal Hope Hospital in London. When the hospital is transported to the Moon by the Judoon, a race of intergalactic police, Martha stays calm and resourceful.

She saves the hospital from an alien threat by helping the Doctor. Her calmness and intelligence impress the Doctor, who invites her to travel with him. This episode sets the tone for Martha’s bravery and quick thinking.

The Lazarus Experiment

“The Lazarus Experiment” showcases Martha’s family and her protective nature. Dr. Richard Lazarus creates a machine to restore youth but transforms into a monstrous creature.

Martha helps the Doctor stop Lazarus. They chase him through a cathedral, using its organ to amplify sound and defeat the creature. This episode highlights Martha’s loyalty and resourcefulness. She also begins to see the dangers that come with travelling with the Doctor.


“Blink” is often remembered for the introduction of the Weeping Angels, but Martha has a role too. She appears briefly as she is stuck in 1969 with the Doctor, trying to find a way back to their original time.

Martha helps the Doctor communicate with Sally Sparrow, a key character in the episode. This part demonstrates that even when Martha is separated from the Doctor, she remains vital to solving complex problems.

Last of the Time Lords

In “Last of the Time Lords,” Martha travels the world to spread the Doctor’s message and defeat the Master. The Master has taken over Earth, and the Doctor is captured.

Martha remains determined, showing her strength and dedication. She gathers support from people worldwide, helping to restore the Doctor’s powers. Her bravery and leadership are crucial to saving the Earth.

These episodes highlight different aspects of Martha’s character, from her bravery and intelligence to her loyalty and determination.

Reception and Impact on Popular Culture

Dr. Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, became an iconic character in the “Doctor Who” series. She first appeared in 2007 as the Tenth Doctor’s companion. Her portrayal was widely praised for its depth and complexity.

Critical Reception

Many critics appreciated Martha’s intelligence and bravery. She has been seen as a role model for young audiences.

Martha’s character development was seen as a great shift from previous companions.

Cultural Impact

Martha Jones broke barriers as the first black companion in the modern “Doctor Who” series. Her representation mattered to many fans.

She has inspired countless fan art, cosplay, and fan fiction.


Martha appeared in other “Doctor Who” media, including novels and audio dramas. This shows her enduring popularity.

Freema Agyeman’s performance has left a lasting mark on the series.

Ratings and Reviews

Character TraitsIntelligent, brave, complex
RepresentationPositive step for diversity
ActingPraised for performance
StorylinesEngaging and memorable

People still talk about Martha Jones, proving her importance in pop culture. She is cherished by many fans around the world.

Martha’s Life After the TARDIS

Martha Jones left the TARDIS and returned to Earth, ready to make a difference. She used her medical skills and intelligence to join UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce). Here, she worked as a Medical Officer, handling alien threats and saving lives.

After her time at UNIT, Martha moved to working with Torchwood. She teamed up with Captain Jack Harkness and other Torchwood members. Her expertise in medicine and alien knowledge proved invaluable.

Martha also found time for personal growth. She married Mickey Smith, who was also a companion of the Doctor. Together, they continued to fight aliens and protect Earth.

An overview of her roles:

Medical OfficerUNIT
Torchwood MemberTorchwood Institute

She remained brave and dedicated. Her adventures after the TARDIS showed her commitment to helping others and her ability to face tough challenges.

Martha’s contributions extended beyond just fighting aliens. She worked on humanitarian missions and used her medical skills to make the world a better place. Her journey showed her strength and compassion.

Comparisons with Other Companions

Martha Jones, portrayed by Freema Agyeman, stands out among the Doctor’s companions.

Educational Background
Martha is a medical doctor, bringing a unique skill set compared to companions like Rose Tyler, a shop assistant, and Amy Pond, a kissogram. This medical knowledge often helps in tricky situations.

Martha JonesMedical Doctor
Rose TylerShop Assistant
Amy PondKissogram

Character Strength
Martha shows strong independence. Unlike Rose, who heavily relies on the Doctor, Martha often solves problems herself. This is similar to Donna Noble, who also shows a high degree of independence and assertiveness.

Romantic Dynamics
Martha’s unrequited love for the Doctor is a key difference. Rose shares a mutual romantic connection with the Doctor. Donna, on the other hand, has a purely platonic relationship with him.

  • Martha: Unrequited love
  • Rose: Mutual romance
  • Donna: Platonic friendship

Family Ties
Martha’s relationship with her family is complicated. Her family initially disapproves of her travels. This contrasts with Rose, whose mother, Jackie, is supportive and often involved in her adventures.

Overall Contribution
Martha’s medical knowledge and self-reliance make her a valuable companion. She manages crises with her skills and quick thinking. Unlike some companions, she leaves by choice to focus on her career, highlighting her strong will and independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions explore Martha Jones’ character, her relationships, and her journey in “Doctor Who.”

Who portrayed Martha Jones in Doctor Who?

Freema Agyeman played the role of Martha Jones.

When did Martha Jones first appear on Doctor Who?

Martha Jones first appeared in the episode “Smith and Jones.”

In which episode does Martha Jones leave the series?

Martha Jones leaves the series in the episode “Last of the Time Lords.”

What are the familial relations of Martha Jones within Doctor Who?

Martha Jones has a mother named Francine and a father named Clive. She also has a brother named Leo and a sister named Tish.

How does the story arc of Martha Jones evolve with regard to her feelings for the Doctor?

Martha Jones initially has romantic feelings for the Doctor. Over time, she realises that these feelings are unrequited, which leads to her decision to leave the TARDIS.

With whom does Martha Jones ultimately establish a romantic relationship in Doctor Who?

Martha Jones ultimately establishes a romantic relationship with Mickey Smith.


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